What’s good about BellaTaxis

Request ride at anywhere and anytime( BellaTaxis expanding to countries, cities, towns and villages)
Pay by cash or in app payment

safety of passengers( background checks to pick the Best taxis drivers, quality of vehicles
Options to request taxis through BellaTaxis app or by calling our landline

Service we provide/ how BellaTaxis can
help travelling about

Private Taxis

Our private taxis come in different luxurious brands. You can request for a particular type of taxi and we will send your exact pick with a professional driver to drop you off where ever you want.


For private use or a family ride. Just contact us, and we will have your taxi need covered excellently.

Luxury Taxis

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Mini Bus

Our array of mini buses are not only sleek, they are also in perfect working condition and driven by professionals, so when you need us for a school excursion, party or wedding, we'll be right there at your service.


We have our collection of coaches that are in excellent condition. Just make your request through our app and we will be right there to drive you through that all important trip, seamlessly.

Everywhere, Anytime BellaTaixis are ready